Independent Living

We hear it from residents all the time — how they wish they’d made the move to our Retirement Home years earlier. The all-inclusive independent senior lifestyle is irresistible, to be sure, but there’s something very special about life at our facility that makes it unlike any other place on earth. It’s the warm, accepting community of neighbours who feel like family. It’s the devoted staff who sees this as more of a calling than a job, providing unrivalled service, compassion and care. And it’s the unique feeling of being right where you belong, a feeling of being home.

We call it The Comfort Touch, and it’s what makes senior living at Comfortable Retirement so special.

On-site management teams that live right in the community and are available around-the-clock to assist our senior residents in any way.

Professionally trained chefs prepare three delicious, perfectly balanced meals from scratch every day for residents and guests to enjoy in our comfortable restaurant-style dining room.

Programs and Activities
A thoughtfully planned calendar of life-enriching activities, exercise classes, educational lectures and off-site outings keeps residents entertained and engaged.

Amenities and Services
Discover the wonderful services and amenities that make life so carefree and satisfying.

Keep living life as you wish.
Visit friends or family, go shopping, stay in and relax, or stay busy in the community – it’s all up to you, just come and go as you please.

Meet new friends and get involved.
as much or as little as you like. And if you require additional assistance we will work with you to come up with a plan that meets your needs.

Comfort of Living. Live your life, your way.