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Today’s retirement homes offer seniors a variety of options. Some take the form of an apartment or condominium complex, while others feature bungalows and cottage-style residences. Catering exclusively to the 55+ crowd..

Community and social opportunities

They come in and realize the many advantages to living in a place where there are people their own age to socialize with. The general feeling people have is, “I don’t have to worry about driving and I can open my door and find someone to chat with. I’m no longer isolated, and just that social engagement is so nice to have available.” It also becomes apparent that “there are risks to being alone in their own home.”


Living on your own or living in your traditional home can leave you vulnerable to a wide variety of things. People come to realize that the independence of living in their own home is “no longer worth it,”  “They want to live in a place that is secure, where help is always around.”

Care free living

No more housework, no more cooking, no more yardwork… it’s almost too much freedom for some. Others compare it to the feeling you get with moving away from home into your first year university dorm.

Easy access to healthcare

Many seniors come to realize that they need health care. Their move into a retirement home may be precipitated by a health crisis or a growing awareness of health vulnerabilities. Medication administration, nursing staff, alternative help like massage therapy, and even fitness centers, are all part of the health care needs taken care of in many retirement homes.

Our Communities

Beautiful homes and great locations make life at COMFORT OF LIVING a first-class experience. With tailored activities, dining options, and support, you’ll always feel at home.

Hampton Court – Southampton ON

49 Albert Street, Southampton, ON N0H 2L0

1 (519) 797-2000


Hudson Manor – Tilbury, ON

36 Lawson Street, Tilbury, ON N0P2L0

1 (519) 682-3366


Maple City Retirement – Chatham ON

97 McFarlane Avenue, Chatham, ON N7L 4V6

1 519-354-7111


Maplewood Manor – Seaforth, ON

13 Church Street, Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0

1 (519) 527-1440


Tudhope Manor Retirement Residence – Orillia, ON

127 Peter Street North, Orillia, ON L3V 4Z4

1 (705) 325-8383


Waverley Mansion Retirement Residence – London, ON

127 Peter Street North, Orillia, ON L3V 4Z4



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