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Retirement Homes

Today’s retirement homes offer seniors a variety of options. Some take the form of an apartment or condominium complex, while others feature bungalows and cottage-style residences. Catering exclusively to the 55+ crowd, Retirement Homes are an ideal option for seniors who are . .

Assisted Living in Ontario

TThese senior-specific residences are designed for individuals who require assistance with activities such as dressing and bathing, but are not in need of continuous medical care. Privately funded by resident fees, Assisted Living facilities are often a component of a much larger . .

Government Programs and Subsidies for Assisted Living in Ontario

There are no provincial subsidies available for private Assisted Living facilities, but Ontario does offer several financial aid programs for seniors. Low-income seniors who are CPP recipients are eligible to ..

Ontario Assisted Living Regulations

All Ontario Assisted Living facilities must be licensed by the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority, who exercise a zero-tolerance policy when handling neglect or abuse-related issues. They are also responsible for investigating complaints, issuing penalties, and ensuring that care and safety regulations are being followed ..

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