Assisted Living in Ontario

Assisted Living in Ontario

Overview of Assisted Living in Ontario

These senior-specific residences are designed for individuals who require assistance with activities such as dressing and bathing, but are not in need of continuous medical care. Privately funded by resident fees, Assisted Living facilities are often a component of a much larger retirement community – ensuring plenty of opportunities for social interaction and recreational activities. Services such as housekeeping and laundry are provided, as well as a variety of physical, psychological, and social therapies.

With over 12 million residents, Ontario is easily the most populous province in the entire nation. 14.2% of Ontario’s population are senior citizens. The largest city in the province is Toronto, which boasts a population of almost 4 million. 12.4% of the residents are senior citizens – a figure that is projected to grow to 20%+ by 2036.

Costs of Assisted Living in Ontario

Costs for Assisted Living in Ontario can range from 1500 to 5000 on a per-month basis, dependent on the level of care you have selected. Many Assisted Living facilities can accommodate on-site physiotherapy, optometry, and even blood work. Residents seeking to lower their monthly fees can choose to opt out of any elective service.

The province’s Residential Tenancies Protection Act regulates all matters concerning rental increases, repairs, and maintenance. They also provide conflict mediation and resolution for any disputes between tenant and landlord.